NoshyCircle is a purpose-led business model

NoshyCircle is a community focused platform which curates the incredible HOME COOKED  authentic, traditional MEALS available in your NEIGHBOURHOOD and delivers it right to your doorstep.

NoshyCircle is a purpose led business model where we are providing:

– In the current COVID environment, Livelihood and Income for people who want to do something at home and can’t/don’t have work out of the house and also they can benefit from flexible working as they can cook when they want and how much they want

– Healthy & Nutritious home cooked meals. We also providing transparent view of ingredients used in the dish and nutrition value of the dish from each kitchen.

– Environmental Friendly: as a company we champion environmentally friendly approach. We enable this by providing eco-friendly packaging, low carbon emission, no/low food wastage.


Why are you raising fund now?

We are live in App Store and Play Store for our Cook App. We are launching our customer App in November. We are raising fund now to help us promote the brand and also expand to more areas within London.

Who can invest?

All eligible customers over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world. We are partnering with Crowdcube for our share issue. To be an eligible customer you will need to sign-up with Crowdcube.

*How much can I invest?

You will have the option to invest from around £10 but it will be rounded to the closest multiple of the share price. For example, if a share price is £3.10, the minimum investment will be £12.40.

How do I invest?

To become a shareholder in NoshyCircle please: 1. Register your interest by signing up here; 2. Sign up and create an account with Crowdcube; 3. Watch out for updates from us; 4. Be ready to invest when our share offer is live.

What is Crowdcube?

Crowdcube is a funding platform. Crowdfunding is where a large number of people pool their money together to back a business, they believe in.

When will the campaign go live?

We will launch our campaign in November. Sign up and register your interest to be the first to know.

Will everyone invest on equal terms?

Yes, everyone who invests in a business via Crowdcube comes in on the same terms.

Will registering interest give me exclusive access to investment?

Yes, we will open our share offer exclusively to people who register their interest and shares will be issued on a first come first served basis.

Do you have SEIS/EIS Certificate?

Yes, we hold SEIS assurance.