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What are the requirements to become a NoshyCircle Cook?

Great news! You don’t need any formal qualifications to become a cook for NoshyCircle. However – you of course need to be passionate about cooking and maybe you’d like to see yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur one day! To maintain a high-quality service for our customers, we ask all of our cooks to register with their local council and obtain a Level 2 certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene Standards before operating on our platform. This is something our community team can assist with.

What cuisines can I cook?

We strongly believe that every dish has a story and therefore we don’t have restrictions on cuisines. The ball’s in your court! In fact we think the beauty of NoshyCircle is that the platform gives you flexibility to design your menu as you wish, we encourage all cuisines from across the world. 

What packaging should we use?

Don’t worry! We think its vital to be as sustainable as possible and therefore will be providing all of our cooks with recycled and bio-degradable packaging to transport their dishes. 

Who will deliver the food?

We’ll take care of delivery! We have a delivery team with zero-emission transport ready and waiting to pickup orders and drop them off to customers (all whilst complying with covid19 restrictions!) 

How often do I have to cook?

Although we’d all love to enjoy your cooking as often as possible, you’re in charge! You have the flexibility to pick and choose when your kitchen is available to order from.

Who will set the prices?

We can’t shout about flexibility enough! Setting your own prices is another perk of being a NoshyCircle cook. However, if you’re unsure about prices, our community team is always available to provide advice. 

How do I get paid?

We collect the payment for the order on your behalf, deduct our commission and transfer the rest straight to you.

Is there a cost of selling my dish through your app?

Nope! There is no cost for being a part of our platform however as stated above we do take a commission on the total order value.

What happens once I get a Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate and have registered with the local council?

Once you’re set up you can get started on setting up your virtual kitchen and designing your menu ready to share with the community.

How many dishes do I have to cook?

As we curate traditional home cooked food, we recommend cooking 2-3 dishes a day that are your speciality and from your home town or you learned yourself.

Can I have a day off?

Absolutely! You can let us know about any holiday you have planned using holiday section of the app. We know life gets busy so we advise informing our community team in advance if you’re going to be absent from the app for long periods of time so we can plan accordingly.

Who should I contact if I have a question or concern?

We’re here to help! For any questions, please email us at community@noshycircle.com or call us on +44 0333 006 3822 between 9am-9pm Mon to Fri.