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NoshyCircle Charity Bake Sale: Get to Know KCA

charity blog post

15th-19th February 2021 You may have seen across our social media this week that we are thrilled to announce we are hosting a charity bake sale (all be it…virtually!) in partnership with local, Harrow based charity – Kids Can Achieve. Foodies! You can browse the cakes available in the bake sale from the 15th February […]

Quickfire Q&A With Expert Nutritionist Aarti Bhandheri-Shah

  You asked, Aarti answered! Last week on our social media, we asked YOU to send in some quick-fire questions for expert nutritionist, Aarti Bhanderi-Shah. Today, she’s answering them!    Hello Aarti! What’s your advice on nutrition for women going through the menopause? Falling levels of oestrogen during the menopause can increase the risk of […]

Shattering the calorie myth – why all calories are not equal

Written by Aarti Bhanderi-Shah, Registered Nutritional Therapist. For years we’ve been told to stick to our daily calorie count to be healthier and live longer. Foods proudly display “less than 100 calories” to virtue signal their healthfulness – but is the quest for eating less calories completely futile. Should the new paradigm of optimum health […]

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