NoshyCircle secures funding to grow and expand in 2021

Hard work is rewarded So we know we’re always bringing you great ‘food’ for thought in our blog, but this time we thought we’d share with you some fantastic news from the team here at NoshyCircle.  Throughout 2020, as you know we worked super hard behind the scenes to get the platform set up for […]

Harvest Festival 2021: Q&A with Desi Fry n Tadka

Happy Harvest Festival! Although this year is looking a little…different…we hope you’ve had a chance to celebrate with family and have taken some time some delicious food! We had a chat with one of our new NC kitchen’s – Desi Fry n Tadka! Desi Fry specialises in Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine with dishes that smell […]

Shattering the calorie myth – why all calories are not equal

Written by Aarti Bhanderi-Shah, Registered Nutritional Therapist. For years we’ve been told to stick to our daily calorie count to be healthier and live longer. Foods proudly display “less than 100 calories” to virtue signal their healthfulness – but is the quest for eating less calories completely futile. Should the new paradigm of optimum health […]

Why Home-cooked Meal

Research shows that regularly eating home-cooked meals as a family is linked to healthier and happier kids, and teens who are less likely to use alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. Consuming less sugar and processed foods can result in higher energy levels and better mental health. Eating home-cooked meals five or more days a week is even […]

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