Traditional Food… Home Cooked.

NoshyCircle is a community focused platform which curates the incredible HOME COOKED FOOD available in your NEIGHBOURHOOD and delivers it right to your doorstep.

We provide FRESHLY PREPARED, NUTRITIOUS meals which you can pre-order for single day or for whole week too. All the cooks are registered and hold hygiene rating. Support your local cooks and enjoy healthy and nutritious food delivered directly to your doorstep. 


meet our home cooks

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and I have been a resident of Harrow for some time now. I am extremely passionate about my cooking. From a very young age I’ve been inspired by my grandmother’s Caribbean recipes mixed with my English culture! So I introduce to you a mixture of Caribbean and English cuisine. Extremely mouth watering, providing you with finest food full of flavour and made with absolute love. I look forward to sharing my flavours with you all!

Hello everyone! I am Alpa from Harrow. Being a passionate foodie, I love experimenting with various cuisines, so you can expect a variety of vegetarian dishes made with fresh ingredients. I’m very much looking forward to you trying my food.

Hi all, My name is Paul, I come from Romania but I’ve lived in Harrow for over nine years now. I love food and I love cooking. I have travelled around the world and tried many different cuisines, I’ve worked for many years in restaurants as a front of house representative too. Therefore, you can expect a wide variety of cuisines such as Romanian, Filipino, Italian and my favourite seafood! 

Hello all, I am Manjula and I’m a food enthusiast who enjoy creating healthy and tasty food! My mother is a great cook and my inspiration who ignited the love of cooking in me. I love cooking everything especially the South Indian cuisine. Looking forward to you all trying my food. 

Hello all, my name is Shanjida, I’m the owner of ‘CREATIVEFOODCREATIONBYME’. I am a full time mother of 2 very cute children and I’m a part time cook. I have many important qualities such as cleanliness, passion and being attentive. I love to learn and try new things! For me cooking really is my happy place. My weakness are my kids and food, I love to eat. Also my dishes are Halal! Thanks for reading. 

our promise

We strongly value great quality and high standards of hygiene during food preparation.

All registered home cooks go our due-diligence process where we check whether they have:


Registered with Local Council

Registered with local council as food business. This means that all our cooks receive an inspection from the local food officer and are awarded hygiene rating.


Hygiene Certification

Hold Food Safety & Hygiene certificate Level 2 or more. This prepares the home cooks in preparation and handling of food.


Food Tasting

Undergo food tasting session during which our friendly food evangelist and our neighbours try the food and give their feedback. 


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